Infant/Toddler Levels

Swim Tank has a unique and effective method for teaching water adjustment, water safety, and independent swimming.  The fundamentals of swimming are simplified by introducing smaller attainable skills one at a time. Each skill acts like a building block and as your child masters and combines each new skill they will develop their abilities.  Please keep in mind that your child’s individual progress will be different from that of a sibling’s, friend’s, or classmates.  Just as with walking and talking infants & toddlers will ALL progress at different rates.  Your child’s progress can and will be affected by their individual development, their attendance, and by his/her caregiver’s ability to follow the goals and directions set by the instructors.

Level 1
  1. “Ready Go” Safe Water Entry
  2. Prone Position Hold
  3. Assisted Prone Kicking
  4. Assisted Arm Paddling
  5. Water Adjustment
  6. Intro to Submerging
  7. Prone Water Entry
  8. Intro to Floating
Level 2
  1. Submerging
  2. Submerging Sets
  3. Submerged Water Entry
  4. Intro to Swim to Wall
  5. Intro to Wall Exit
  6. Assisted Floating
Level 3
  1. Swim to Wall
  2. Instructor to Parent Submerge
  3. Independent Submerged Swim
  4. Intro to Sit Dive Entry
  5. Assisted Wall Exit
  6. Intro to Independent Float
  7. Intro to Wall Recovery
Level 4
  1. Intro to self Submerge
  2. Sit dive Entry
  3. Independent Floating
  4. Intro to Roll & Float
  5. Advanced Submerging
  6. Independent Wall Exit
  7. Support Device Usage
Clam Badge

(for Student 2 years or older who have accomplished the following skills)

  • Must always follow “Ready Go” Safe Water Entry
  •  Must always “Wall Exit” with assistance when directed
  •  Must be comfortable wearing support device
  •  Must be comfortable practicing skills with both male & female instructors