Swim Tank staff

The success of our program relies heavily on the quality of our staff.    We select our staff for their energy, enthusiasm, and passion for working with children.  The emotional component of learning to swim is often more important than knowing the mechanics of how to move your arms and legs.   That is why our team consists of highly trained professionals, ready to guide you through your Swim Tank experience.

Training and monitoring all of our swim staff is our top priority.  Every instructor participates in an extensive training program before they are certified to work independently with students.  In fact we believe so strongly in our Ready…Set…Swim…© method that we have applied the same concept to our instructor training.   All of our instructors are individually trained and certified in each of our six different types of classes.  We require a minimum of 120 hours of intense classroom and in-water training time for our instructors.  Certifications are only granted after the instructor passes both a written and a practical exam.  Additionally, our instructors are monitored daily for quality and are required, several times a year, to participate in continuing education programs.