Stroke Development


Our Stroke Development level focuses on performing Freestyle and Backstroke independently so that your child can swim proficiently.  Coordinating all of the pieces for these strokes in an effective way is the primary focus of this level.  We break down each component of the stroke so that your child can learn one piece at a time. Proper rhythmic breathing, arm and leg coordination, streamlining, and effective flutter kick are repeated in every lesson until your child masters them. The instructors work closely in and out of the water with each child as they practice each skill.

Coordination, focus, and motor planning are major factors that make you successful at this level.  Conditioning the body and creating proper muscle memory is the key to a lifetime of proper swimming technique.  At Swim Tank we are concerned with stroke integrity before speed.  When you swim with proper form you are able to increase endurance and speed.

Safety skills are a recurring theme and are practiced at every level.