Tank Time


A fitness based swim program designed to be personally challenging and FUN! This will not be run like our stroke clinic classes as it is geared more towards fitness & fun. We will however be adding stroke correction and instruction to this course as of Fall 2018.

Instructors will guide your child through different age and level appropriate swim workouts each week. We hope to create a positive environment where every child can reap the benefits of exercise and feel the accomplishments of physical activity. Over the course of a session several classes will focus on breaking down more advanced skills like butterfly, breaststroke, & flip turns. We will also frequently work on racing starts!

Games and challenges will be incorporated to keep your child engaged and motivated towards improvement. As in all of our programs, growth mindset will be our core philosophy. By setting personal goals for your children we can show them how practice, dedication, and hard work (effort) can and will produce improvement. Sometimes the greatest measure of your success is recognizing your own personal growth.

We will also have a unique opportunity to introduce competition to your child in a non-intimidating way. We will start by having students compete with themselves, and then have them compete in small groups through games and races. This competition will teach them how to work together as a team, and how to challenge themselves personally. It will raise their self-esteem and show them that competition can be fun!

  • $350 per session for a 45 minute class once per week
  • Session pricing is based on 10 classes
  • Pricing will vary each session based on the number of classes
  • There is a one time yearly $50 insurance/ registration fee per child

We do offer make ups, but the days/times we offer are not guaranteed to work for each family’s individual scheduling needs. A limited # of make ups are offered every Sat & Sun at 5 pm and most weekdays at 7 pm. Additional make up times are listed when parents submit prior absence notifications. We also offer make up days on Columbus day, Veterans day, several days (announced yearly) between Christmas and New Years, MLK day, Presidents’ day, & during our spring break holiday (announced yearly). Make ups can NOT be used to extend a session. If you are not renewing for the next session any unused make ups will expire on the last day of the session that your child is enrolled in. The summer session is sold separately therefore unused make ups can not be used during the summer session.

Students enrolled for the full school year (4 sessions from Sept – June) can earn up to 10 make ups if they complete an absence notification form PRIOR to missing their class. Student who enroll once the school year has started can earn the following based on when they enroll. If you start in session #2 you can earn up to 7 make ups for the remainder of the school year, if starting in session #3 you can earn up to 5 make ups for the remainder of the school year, and if starting in session #4 you can earn up to 3 make ups for the remainder of the school year. Our summer session is sold separately and you can earn up 2 make ups to use during the summer session, when purchasing an 8 week class.


Schedule is Subject to Change

Seal, Stingray, Frog, Dolphin, Whale, & Shark Level

Tue Thur Fri Sat Sun
7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 10:00am (1hr) 10:00am (1hr)

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