Covid Protocols

Safety has always been our top priority at Swim Tank, and now more than ever keeping our students and their families along with our staff will be our number one priority.


How we are keeping our clients and staff safe
  • PPE: All clients will be required to wear face masks in our facility. Children will not be required to wear them in the pool. All Swim Tank employees will be wearing face shields or face masks at all times. We will have disposable masks for sale for $1 in each facility if you forget to bring yours
  • LESS STUDENTS: Only private lessons will be offered unless students are siblings or close friends, and then we will allow semi-private with only 2 students. We will only be booking 4 teachers at West Harrison and 7 teachers at Mamaroneck we will be running at one third of our typical programing capacity
  • LIMITED OCCUPANCY: Only one caregiver per family is allowed in the facility, and we encourage families to leave non swimming siblings home whenever possible. If you are sharing a semi-private lesson with a friend, only one caregiver is permitted to attend class
  • NO SHARED EQUIPMENT: Each instructor will be assigned their own basket of equipment which will be swapped out and disinfected between every class. We will also be unable to lend out any goggles, swim caps, or towels at this time.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING FOR CLIENTS: Each private or semi-private class will have their own lane. We will be using all lanes at each facility and are installing plexiglass dividers where children sit as a protective barrier between classes.  All shared spaces have been marked for social distancing. With such limited numbers of clients there will be plenty of room to spread out. The shower stalls have been converted into private changing spaces to create options for changing and spreading out
  • ARRIVE SWIM READY: We are asking that you arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to class and that your student is ready to swim. Do your best to be on time to avoid crossing over with the previous class. We ask that you do not use the locker rooms before class unless you need to use the bathroom or changing table to put swim diapers on. You must keep your belongings with you, and if you are swimming with your child there will be a designated spot on the deck for you to leave your belongings
  • STAGGERED ENTRY & EXIT: Clients will be asked to wait in an alternate area when they arrive and will be called to line up at the pool door once the previous families have exited the viewing room. Students will be called into the pool area by their instructor who will walk them to their lane. Children will be dismissed from the pool area one lane at a time by their instructor so that social distance can be maintained during these times. Your child will be in the same lane each week and dismissed in the same order so that caregivers will know where to stand in line to get them. Staff will supervise entry and exit to help maintain social distance
  • QUICK EXIT: We ask that all clients spend no more than 10 minutes in the building after class. Showers are not accessible at this time
  • DAILY HEALTH ASSESSMENT: Every staff member will be required to fill out a home health assessment. If they have any symptoms of Covid or exposure risk they will be asked to stay home. Additionally, we will check their temperature when they arrive at the facility.  Similarly, clients are also asked to do a home assessment before coming to the facility and asked to stay home if they are experiencing any Covid symptoms or have an exposure risk.


How we are keeping our facility Safe
  • INCREASED CLEANING & SANITIZING: In addition to the facility being professionally sanitized every night by Jan-Pro cleaning systems, we will have staff members cleaning and sanitizing frequently throughout the day
  • APPLICATION OF ENVIROSHIELD AND ENDURE: Swim Tank is also excited to share that we will also be using a powerful disinfecting and protection system provided by Jan-Pro called EnviroShield and Endure for an added layer of protection

    How it works. Disinfection and protection:

    1. EnviroShield We treat your facility using the EnviroShield system by spraying all surfaces and objects with a disinfectant. The electrostatic sprayer allows the product to wrap around all objects and surfaces to provide complete disinfection throughout. With this service, you can eliminate 99.9% of germs that spread common illness and contagions on every workstation, floor covering, wall, desk, and, every computer keyboard (the most contaminated). EnviroShield has no adverse effects to the environment, staff, or visitors. The best way to describe this process is to compare it to disinfecting your hands with Purell hand sanitizer. Purell will disinfect your hands, but once you touch something you are exposing yourself to bacteria and virus once again. After EnviroShield is sprayed all objects and surfaces are completely disinfected. If you touch objects and surfaces after the product is sprayed, the surfaces will be exposed to virus and bacteria once again. This is where Endure comes into play.

    2. Endure We treat your facility with Endure by spraying all of the same surfaces and objects we sprayed with disinfectant. Endure is sprayed using an electrostatic sprayer and the treatment will wrap around objects and surfaces to provide a protective coating. Again, you will not be able to see, feel, or smell the product. Endure will encapsulate the surfaces that were disinfected with EnviroShield. Viruses and bacteria will be killed on contact if a person touches an object or surface after your facility is treated with Endure. Endure will provide protection for up to 6 months.

    Please note that these treatments do not prevent person to person transmission through human interaction. After the treatments are applied, you and your fellow team members will need to remain vigilant and do your part in preventing the emergence or spread of the virus by following CDC guidelines. These treatments do not replace routine cleaning. You will need to keep up with your everyday cleaning
  • FRESH AIR CIRCULATION: Fresh air flow has been increased based on guidelines from the CDC
  • HAND SANITIZER AND WIPES: Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer will be readily available for client use