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Class Levels & Requirements
  • Parent/Child
    • Ages 4 months to 2.5
    • No prerequisites
    • No badge & Clam
    • Adult participation required
  • Learn To Swim (2:1 ratio class)
    • Ages 2.5 & up
    • No prerequisites
    • No badge, Starfish, Krill, Hermit Crab, Fish, & Clownfish
    • Cost: $216 per student per month (based on 4 classes)
  • Stroke Discovery (3:1 ratio class)
    • Ages 4 & up
    • Must be able to swim 30 feet independently
    • Must be able to tread for 1 minute in deep water
    • Must have concept of freestyle and backstroke
    • Swordfish, Octopus, & Otter
  • Stroke Development (3:1 ratio class)
    • Ages 5 & up
    • Must be able to tread for 2 minutes in deep water
    • Must have freestyle and backstroke with correct form 30 feet or more
    • Seahorse, Seal, Stingray, & some Frogs based on age/strength
  • Stroke Clinic (4:1 ratio class)
    • Ages 7 & up
    • Must be able to tread for 3 minutes in deep water
    • Must have freestyle and backstroke with correct form 50 yards or more
    • Must have concept of breaststroke
    • Frogs (based on age/strength), Dolphin, Whale, & Shark
  • Private Lessons (1:1 ratio class)
    • Must be 2 or older before the month starts
    • Available to ALL levels except Parent/Child


Class Request Form
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Class Openings
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