Can I take photos and videos of my child swimming in the pool?
  • Patrons are not allowed to photograph or videotape any child, including their own while they are in the pool area
  • This policy is in place to protect the privacy of both our students and our instructors
  • We ask that you respect this policy as it will be strictly enforced
  • We do encourage parents to take photos of their children at the badge wall when they earn a new badge
Who is required to wear a swim diaper and what kind?

This policy will be strictly enforced since accidents cause pool closures and class cancellations.  The swim diapers that we sell and recommend do not look or feel like a diaper.  We recommend that parents refer to them as “swim pants” and NOT swim diapers.  We even sell bathing suits for both boys and girls that have the “swim pants” built into the suits so that the child is unaware.  It is crucial that we are proactive in the prevention of any fecal contamination of the pool and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation!

  • Regular diapers are never allowed in the pool and can damage the filter system
  • Pull ups and disposable swim diapers are also never allowed in the pool
  • ALL children under the age of 4 must wear a tight fitting reusable swim diaper to prevent fecal accidents
  • We do have reusable swim diapers available for sale at both facilities
  • If you would like to purchase one on your own, we recommend the Iplay or Finis  diapers
Who is required to wear a swim cap?
  • All students 2 and older with hair below their ears are required to wear a bathing cap
  • Students are responsible to bring a swim cap to every class or they will not be allowed to participate
  • Swim caps are available for purchase at both facilities for $12
Are goggles required?
  • Goggles are not recommended for beginner swimmers but they are allowed once a child is adjusted to the water
  • Goggles are highly recommend for lap swimmers
  • Intermittent practice, without goggles, is mandatory for all student to ensure they can react appropriately in an emergency situation
  • We ask that if your child wears goggles, you purchase and bring your own goggles to class
  • Goggles can be purchased at both facilities for $12
What is Swim Tank's Instructor Rotation Policy?
  • Swim Tank does not promote staying will the same instructor for a long period of time as it can create a dependency on that instructor, resulting in a lack of self-confidence when they are in the pool without them
  • Swim Tank believes strongly in the power of collaborative teaching, and we develop stronger, more confident swimmers by rotating through several teachers over the course of a year
  • Swim Tank does not believe that a child will not reach his/her full potential with just one coach’s vision/experience
  • Swim Tank’s teaching/training philosophy does not support clients selecting and remaining with just one instructor indefinitely
  • Our goal is to keep students with the same instructor for about 3 months but even that is not guaranteed and based on enrollment, staffing, & the needs of all of the students registered in each time frame
  • Our instructors are all highly trained professionals who undergo and intensive training program that includes a minimum of 100 hrs. of both classroom and in-water training before being assigned a level independently
  • Additionally, our instructors are monitored closely and are required, several times a year, to participate in continuing education programs
  • Swim Tank is an equal opportunity employer and hires both male and female instructors, so clients must be comfortable with their children being taught by both genders
  • If a family has concerns about their teacher, we encourage you to share those with our management team so that we can address and improve your experience immediately
  • Instructor assignments are listed on the parent portal along with the class
  • Typically, the next month’s assignments are updated by the 14th
  • Sometimes changes must be made past that date, and when that happens, we will send you an email to notify you of your new teacher assignment
  • Clients will only receive an email IF a change is made after the 14th
What is Swim Tank's make up policy?
  • Make-up classes are not guaranteed and will be based on availability
  • All make-ups need to be scheduled within 1 month of reporting the absence
  • Swim Tank has two types of class bookings, group and private, and each has its’ own make up policy
    • Group Lessons: students are eligible for 1 group make-up class per month (based on availability) when we receive 24 hours’ advance notice of the student’s absence (via our absence notification form)
    • Private Lessons: students are eligible for 1 private make-up class per month (based on availability).   The class must be cancelled 24 hours in advance (via our absence notification form). This means that when two students share a private lesson, they can NOT qualify for a private make-up class unless BOTH students are absent, and the class is cancelled for that date. If only one student is absent from a private class, the remaining student will receive a private class that day and NO make-up will be offered to the other student.
  • We will not prorate monthly payments for absences or issue credits, refunds or exchanges for classes that are not made up in the month they are missed
  • Make-up classes are NOT guaranteed to work for your family’s individual schedule
  • We are limited in how many make-ups we can offer each month and the days and times we can offer the make-ups
  • Make-up passes, once booked, can only be cancelled/rescheduled with 72 hours notice
  • Each week we set aside classes for make-ups; however, the bulk of our make-up options are created as students submit absence notifications.  Those make-up times will become available just 24 hours or less prior to the class time.  We are happy to contact families when these openings occur but remember it will be short notice
What is Swim Tank's mask policy?
  • We are currently mask optional but reserve the right to mandate masks if/when needed
What happens when Swim Tank cancels a class?
  • Individual classes can be cancelled due to weather, power loss, pool mechanical, fecal/vomit incident, and teacher absence
  • When these individual cancellations occur a priority make up pass will be placed on the student’s account
  • Office staff will assist families who need help booking their priority make up passes and priority passes can be used up to two months after being issued unlike regular make up passes which have to be used within one month
  • Refunds/Credits will not be issued for these types of cancellations
Does Swim Tank offer refunds/credits?
  • Swim Tank is unable to offer refunds or credits to families once billing has occurred on the 15th UNLESS a drop request form is submitted PRIOR to the start of the next month AND we are able to re-sell the class to another family
  • A $25.00 service fee will apply
  • Refunds/credits are not available once the month has started
  • Swim Tank will not offer refunds/credits for any missed classes, including those missed due to valid medical reasons
  • Please see “Will you offer make up classes?” above