Fall of 2022 Monthly “Session” Dates
  • September Month “Session”: Sept 6th – Oct 2nd (no closures)
  • October Month “Session”: Oct 4th – Oct 30th (no  closures)
  • November Month “Session”: Nov 1st – Nov 27th (closed Th Nov 24th & Nov 25th)
  • December Month “Session”: Nov 29th – Dec 23rd (no closures)
Swim Tank will be closed from December 24th – January 2nd

2023 Monthly “Session” Dates
  • January Month “Session”: Jan 3rd – Jan 29th (no closures)
  • February Month “Session”: Jan 31st – Feb 26th (no closures)
  • March Month “Session”: Feb 28th – March 26th (no closures)
  • April Month “Session”: March 29th – April 30th  (this is a 5 week month) (closed April 9th)
  • May Month “Session”: May 2nd – May 28th (No closures)
  • June Month “Session”: May 30th – June 25th (No closures)