Private Lessons


Our private lesson program was created for students who have a hard time learning in a semi private or group dynamic.   It can also provide a more privatized, intense approach for developing strokes for students who already know how to swim.

The private lesson program still uses our Ready… Set… Swim… method. However, the 1:1 ratio provides constant interaction between the instructor and the student.

  • $800 per session for a 30 minute class
  • Session pricing is based on 10 classes
  • Pricing will vary each session based on the number of holiday closures
  • There is a one time yearly $50 insurance/ registration fee per child

We do offer make ups, but the days/times we offer are not guaranteed to work for each family’s individual scheduling needs. A limited # of make ups are offered every Sat & Sun at 5:30 pm and most weekdays at 7:15 pm. Additional make up times are listed when parents submit prior absence notifications. We also offer make up days on Columbus day, Veterans day, several days (announced yearly) between Christmas and New Years, MLK day, Presidents’ day, & during our spring break holiday (announced yearly). Make ups can NOT be used to extend a session. If you are not renewing for the next session any unused make ups will expire on the last day of the session that your child is enrolled in. The summer session is sold separately therefore unused make ups can not be used during the summer session.

Students enrolled for the full school year (4 sessions from Sept – June) can earn up to 10 make ups if they complete an absence notification form PRIOR to missing their class. Student who enroll once the school year has started can earn the following based on when they enroll. If you start in session #2 you can earn up to 8 make ups for the remainder of the school year, if starting in session #3 you can earn up to 5 make ups for the remainder of the school year, and if starting in session #4 you can earn up to 3 make ups for the remainder of the school year. Our summer session is sold separately and you can earn up 2 make ups to use during the summer session, when purchasing an 8 week class.

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