Swim Tank has given my daughter who has developmental delays, immense confidence and joy in the water. As she also has low muscle tone, swimming twice a week has greatly benefited her core, not to mention her ability to swim. The badge system is very rewarding and motivating for the kids. There’s no bigger smile than when you see your child get their next badge!

Having two other children that went through other swim programs in Westchester, the development and skill of our third child at Swim Tank far exceeds these other programs. This is an incredibly well run, top notch swim school that would benefit any child.

Kristen Hawkins Briarcliff Manor, NY

I have had a child taking lessons with Swim Tank for the past 14 years. Swim Tank has given all three of my kids the lifelong gift of being strong, confident, and safe swimmers. They have benefitted from those skills in countless summer camps where they were able to place into high-level swim classes and/or participate fully in waterfront activities like sailing or skiing on day one, having easily passed the required “deepwater swim test”. And they will continue to benefit from being strong swimmers for the rest of their lives. I can never thank Swim Tank enough for that.

Ann Colin Rye, NY

My 3 year old twins have greatly benefited from their experience in Swim Tank!

They learned so much about how to be safe in the water in just one session and are now strengthening not only their swimming skills but building their confidence both in and out of the pool. The instructors at Swim Tank have been amazing with my children, helping them into the pool and teaching them how to swim in a fun, yet structured way. As a parent, I’m very pleased with how professional all of the staff is there and how well they know all of the children. The communication is excellent and any questions I’ve had have been answered in a courteous and timely manner. We love Swim Tank and can see why so many people wait to “get in” there!

Mary O’Malley Sleepy Hollow

Learning to swim is a life saving skill! I am sold on Swim Tank because they are invested in saving lives!

After two discouraging years of other local swim programs and little advancement (noodles and bubbles), we heard about Swimtank and enrolled our oldest. 18 months later she was was nearly swim team level, swimming 8 laps in excellent form for free style, backstroke and breast stroke! We now have or third kid enrolled!

The instructors are amazing: professional, playful, and empowering! Whether or not a child likes the water, the instructors efficiently and effectively teach them to be comfortable in the water, pool/swim safety rules, and keep the fun in swimming. The instructors are disciplined and creative with the more challenging swimmers (like one of mine) and work closely with the parents to ensure the best experience for every child!

For the more advanced swimmers, the instructors focus on refining and perfecting stroke skills, endurance, and discipline, all the while keeping the fun in swimming. My oldest was very upset when we stopped her classes. For years now, swimming at Swim Tank has been a highlight of my children’s week. They have met new friends they would not know otherwise, learned new skills and discipline from the staff.  They also got great exercise and most importantly are learning to save their own lives by learning to swim! The experience at Swim Tank is a LIFE investment well worth every penny! Thank you Swim Tank!

Aubrey P. Rye, NY